1 & 2 June 2024
Riff, PD#18245 by Bob Gramsma, photo Wardie Hellendoorn

Land Art Weekend

The Dutch province of Flevoland is home to a unique collection of land art. During the annual Land Art Weekend, we put the spotlight on the ten land art monuments of the polder.

The Land Art Weekend takes place every year in the first weekend of June. During the Land Art Weekend there will be a guide at work of land art who can enthusiastically tell you about the artwork and answer all your questions. In addition, we will organise performances and activities at various locations.

The Land Art Weekend 2023 took place on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Check out the photos and the programme here.

The Land Art Weekend 2024 programme will be published in spring 2024.


Click here for the addresses of the artworks

The works of land art are spread throughout the province of Flevoland: Noordoostpolder (Marknesse and Kraggenburg), Dronten (Biddinghuizen), Zeewolde, Almere, Lelystad

Our tips for food and drink along the way

You can take a break for a bite to eat and a drink at these local catering establishments during your route.

At Riff, PD#18245 - Beachclub NU (overlooking Veluwemeer)
Near Deltawerk // - pavilion Proeflab //
Near De Groene Kathedraal - Farm Uniek Leven
Near Exposure - The Cantine
Near PIER+HORIZON - Near the artwork you will find the new ZUIDpunt T121, a coffee and tea shop
Near Engelen/Angels (Angel Station) (Trintelhaven car park) - Checkpoint Charlie is open until 3pm both days.

And further: the visitor centre of the Oostvaardersplassen (between Exposure and Aardzee) and Hajé De Lepelaar / De Aalscholver, on both sides along the A6 in the middle of the Flevopolder.

Answers to pressing questions (including accessibility)

Coming by car?
You can find all the addresses of the artworks and the nearest parking spaces here.

Rather cycle?
In the ANWB Eropuit app, you will find two cycling routes: one along the land art in Lelystad, and one along the land art in Zeewolde!

Is land art fun with/for children?
The nice thing about works of art in public spaces is that you can touch them. So come and feel for yourself.

  • Together with their parents, children can do assignments at Land Art Flevoland. Using these children's assignments, compiled by Myrthe Mandemakers, children and parents are invited to look, discover and form their own opinions about the artwork. With doing assignments for young children (4+) and thinking assignments for older children (9+). You can pick up the children's assignments from the guides on site [only available in Dutch]
  • At Riff, PD#18245 is a (kids') workshop Riff 'em yourself, organised by pilot museum M. Right next to the big artwork, you can make your own little 'riff'.
  • And our colleagues at M. have developed a Land Art Family Tour (a webapp) along three works of land art, see also: https://jijbentm.art/events/familietour/

Is land art fun for dogs?
All artworks are in public spaces and accessible to everyone - including dogs. Pro-tips: Sea Level by Richard Serra in Zeewolde is a popular walking spot, and Exposure by Antony Gormley is also a great place for a dog to run. Not all Land Art Weekend programme sections are equally dog-friendly, if in doubt contact info@landartflevoland.nl

Is land art fun if you use a wheelchair or walker?
To our regret, not all artworks are equally accessible. What you can see depends a bit on your situation. Here we try to describe the circumstances as much as possible so you can make your own choices.


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