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Foto: Geert van der Wijk
Foto: Geert van der Wijk

Join an organised bus tour (March till October, every last Sunday of the month) or visit the Land Art in Flevoland on your own. For groups of all sizes we organise custom tours.

Land Art Flevoland bus tours

From March to October, organized tours are held every last Sunday of the month. From the depar- ture point at Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland (at 10:00) a bus takes visitors on a tour along all the Land Art works. Along the way, a professional guide talks about the artworks, the landscape and the origin of the polder. Halfway through the day, lunch is served at a special location. The day ends at around 17:30 at Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland.

Organised tours cost € 49,50 per person, tickets are available through KAF ticketshop. For more information please contact Marie-Josée Röselaers at marie-josee@landartflevoland.nl.

Dates for our tours in 2016 are Sunday March 27th, Sunday April 24th, Sunday May 29th, Sunday June 26th, Sunday July 31st, Sunday August 28th, Sunday September 25th and Sunday October 30th.

Custom tours

For groups of students or professionals - or for special occasions such as a field trip or your or- ganization’s anniversary - we offer tours especially tailored to your wishes. The costs of the guide, lunches, bus, organization and additional extras will be charged to you. These tours can also visit other locations in Flevoland. For more information contact us via info@landartflevoland.nl.

DIY tours

Of course it is possible to visit the Land Art in Flevoland by yourself. Have a look on our page with locations and route descriptions to see where you can find the Land Art and how to get there.